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General Internet Connectivity Information

DNS Servers
Primary DNS -
Secondary DNS -

Mail Servers
POP3 (Incoming Mail) - (plain password no encryption)
SMTP (Outgoing Mail) - (no Authentication no encryption)
Off Network Authenticated SMTP(For use when not connected via Wheat State) - (call for setup)

Web Servers
Web Site -

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Restart your computer. This is the number one fix for all computer related

2. Power cycle your Xcelerator Broadband modem, then your router and any other
network appliance. Do this by unplugging the power to your modem, wait a few
seconds, then re-connect the power and let it sync back up.

3. Check the lights on your Xcelerator Broadband modem. Power and Link should be
lit up solid indicating you have power and the correct connection to your
You should also have a solid Xcelerator Broadband link light, depending on your
type of modem it could be labeled: Ready, Internet, or Wan. When the Xcelerator
Broadband link light is on you have a good phone connection.
Causes for Xcelerator Broadband link to fail include: bad phone cords, loose
connections, bad splitters, filtered phone jack, and failed surge protectors.

4. Our Xcelerator Broadband requires that your computer be registered to our
servers. Your computer's MAC address is obtained and setup when you order
Xcelerator Broadband service. If you get a new computer, add a router, or get a new network card we will need
to update our servers with your new MAC address.

Wheat State must have your MAC address on file to connect.
To find your MAC address follow these instructions.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
  Click Start
  Select Programs
  Go to Accessories
  Select Command Prompt
  Type "ipconfig /all"
This will list your Network connections. We need the Physical Address (MAC).
It will be similar to this (00:1a:34:56:fa:12) in six groups of two letter
number combinations from 1-9 and A-F.
To find the MAC address on a router you typically have to log in to the router's
web interface and locate the "WAN MAC ADDRESS."
Most routers have the option to "Clone" the MAC address. This means that the
router can take the MAC of your PC to use as its own. This is helpful when
adding a router to an existing Xcelerator Broadband connection, as you won't
need to update the MAC address on file. You can then switch back and forth
between your router and PC without having to contact Wheat State.


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