Surf Faster

Internet speed, or a lack thereof, can greatly impact the quality of your online experience. The right speed for you will depend on how many users are in your household and what they typically do online. Take a look at these general guidelines to help you decide:

1. How many internet users in your household?

2. How many Internet enabled devices

3. How often do you use these devices in your home?

1-2 times per day

Most every evening

Most every evening PLUS some streaming or gaming

Multiple Users most every evening w/ streaming and gaming


Click here for Internet freeway video demo.


High Speed Internet from Wheat State Telephone is an all-around excellent value. Not only do you get high speeds at low monthly rates, but you also receive these FREE extras:

FREE spam and email virus filtering*

FREE email accounts (up to 5)

FREE Web Email Access

FREE personal web space


Wireless Installation: $99.95 + tax




Internet Installation & Terms

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