No More Budget Busting Repairs

For only $2.95/month, protect your telephone wiring and jacks
You can enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes with
Wheat State’s WIRE GUARD plan.

For only a small monthly fee, this cost-effective maintenance
program includes diagnosis and repair by trained technicians, and
any replacement parts needed to restore wiring and telephone
jacks to working order inside your home.*

According to the FCC, you’re responsible for the cost of all
repairs needed inside your home. Unless you have WIRE GUARD.

So get covered! Don’t wait until you’re faced with budget-busting
repair bills. Get WIRE GUARD and let us take care of your wiring
woes. It’s that easy!

*The plan does not include damage caused by natural disaster,
flood, earthquake, riot, acts of war, gross negligence,
willful damage, vandalism or fire.

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