Pick up your phone before you get your shovel

Planning to tackle a big landscaping project soon? Wheat State Telephone reminds you to
pick up your phone before you pick up your shovel.

Many utility services such as phone, cable television, sewer, gas, water, and electricity come to your
home via underground lines. In certain locations, these lines may be close to the surface and can be accidentally damaged by even shallow digging in your yard -- and that can result in interruptions to service throughout your neighborhood. You may even incur fines or fees to repair damages.

When you call 811 at least 48 hours in advance, your local service providers will be dispatched
to locate and mark these lines. It not only saves you time and protects you from potentially costly damage, it’s required by law. Every digging project, no matter what size, requires a call.

By calling  811, you can proceed with your landscaping without disrupting utilities or compromising safety. Thank you for your cooperation!


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